Sunday Bulletin

Center for Spiritual Wellness

Honest to God: Can God Really Forgive Me?

September 29th, 2019
Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost

10:00 am


Welcoming & Greetings


Call to Worship:

It is in our confession where we realize our desire for God and our hope for God’s promised mercy. It is in admitting the truth of our lives that we take the first step toward wholeness and healing. So, let us make our confession, first in silent prayer and song.

Silent Confession:

♪Praise Song:  “Give Me One Pure and Holy Passion”

God of all the saints, God of all the sinners, hear our prayer.
We want to be saint-like – holy, good, patient, loving.
But we end up feeling more like sinners – full of failures of morality, selfish, and mean.
Perhaps You see us simply as human – as beloved, and flawed, and trying, and failing, and succeeding.
In all of this, we confess the wrong that we have done, and ask you to bless the good we have accomplished.
Thank you for always loving us, helping us, and making us more and more like Jesus, in whose name we pray. Amen!

♪Praise Song:  “Amazing Love/You Are My King”

Assurance of Forgiveness:

Friends, hear this Good News: the love of God is beyond measure, and you are
included in that love. Know that you are forgiven and thus freed to love and serve God and others.  Alleluia! Amen!

Because we are a forgiven people through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, let us commit to serving him, praying together the words he taught us to pray and prays with us:

The Lord’s Prayer

Children May Leave for Sunday School:

Presentation of Gifts, Tithes, and Offerings


Doxology: #809 (please stand)

Prayer of Dedication:  

Gracious and merciful God, you made the world in beauty, harmony, melody and glory, but we have followed our own hearts and have brought a pall of sin over your creation. We have abused the environment, mistreated other people, and even crucified your Son.

As we gaze upon him in his victorious resurrection, we are reminded that our sin cannot change your love for us, and it makes us want to work with you and not against you.

Bless us and this offering and redeem the brokenness of our sinful selves and world, and bring your kingdom in us and through us, and receive the renowned glory in it all.

In Jesus’ name we ask these things. Amen!

Hymn #502:  (seated)   “Amazing Grace! How Sweet the Sound”   

Prayer of Illumination

The Gospel Reading:   Luke 5:17-26                     Susan Tylka       

            (Page 64 in the New Testament section of your pew Bible)

Response to the Lesson:    Reader:          This is the Word of the Lord.

                                                All:                  Thanks be to God.

Sermon:  “Honest to God:  Can God Really Forgive Me?”

Reverend Louis LaFazia

Hymn #669: (please stand)  “God of Grace and God of Glory”    


 Benediction   (please remain standing)