Welcome Dawne Mechlinski

Hello Church in Brielle family!
Below is my introductory video to all of you. I am very excited and blessed to be called to be your new Music Director! Please take a moment to watch.

We have a few opportunities on the horizon for our music ministry, keeping in mind all safety proximity and protocols…
*Beginner handbell ringers, teens and adults
*Seasoned handbell ringers, teens and adults
*Youth Ringers, 6th grade and up
*Small ensemble singing, (2 or 3 at a time, safely distanced)
*Praise Ensemble members, singers and/or musicians, any age
**please note, a return to larger group indoor singing will be feasible once CDC guidelines permit.
Please email if you are interested in trying something new (now is the time!!) and/or joining again in music ministry. Pass the word to friends and family! I’m looking forward to safe gatherings, lots of music, prayer and laughter!
Also, in an attempt to begin to know your church community it would be so helpful if you could take a few moments to share a few of your thoughts. Feel free to write your responses right next to the questions as you hit “reply” to music@churchinbrielle.org. Be as detailed as you wish!
1 What do you love most about The Church in Brielle?
2 What brought you to join CIB and how long have you and your family been here? If you have children, what are their ages?
3 What roles/service are you and your family involved with here?
4 What is your favorite hymn/song?
5 Which style music helps you to pray and worship the best? Traditional? – contemporary? –blend of both?
6 Does music in the service help you to grow in your faith? If so, please describe.
7 Do you play an instrument?
8 Have you participated in a choir in the past or at CIB?
9 Please complete this sentence: “I feel God is calling this congregation to….”?
10 What do you think I should know in order to thrive in the congregation and community?
Thank you so much for taking a minute to answer and share your heart. I look forward to meeting you all!

Peace and Joy,
Dawne B Mechlinski
Music Director, Church in Brielle

COVID19 Resources

All resources confirmed by Lori Keasel of your Consistory

Covid19 Resources
General Information

Center for Disease Control (CDC) https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/index.html

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html

World Health Organization  https://www.who.int/

New Jersey Government

COVID 19  https://covid19.nj.gov/

  • Hotline
  • Symptom Checker and Testing Information
  • Jobs Available Now and Unemployment Benefits
  • Frequently Asked Questions and additional information

Local Information

Local grocery stores and pharmacies continue to receive goods to sell.  Some stores have set special hours for shoppers over 60 or 65 – call ahead.

Local restaurants and bakeries remain open for pick-up and delivery – consider supporting our local businesses while staying safe – call ahead.

Patch.com provides local information.  www.patch.com – select your town.

NextDoor.com provides local information and a place to post needs – recommendation for a florist, looking for a lost dog, etc.  https://nextdoor.com/ – select your neighborhood.

How Can You Help?

Manasquan Food Bank at First Presbyterian Church of Manasquan

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Face Mask Instructions – donations to local nursing homes (JoAnn Fabrics – Brick donates to three nursing homes as of Monday, March 30 – additional outlets will be added upon request to JoAnn Fabric – Brick. JoAnn Fabrics – Brick is open for curbside pickup and drop off only – order online for pickup)


American Red Cross Blood Donations – many blood drives have been cancelled, there is an ongoing need for blood and plasma.


Bible Study

Upper Room https://www.upperroom.org/devotionals

Bible.com https://www.bible.com/reading-plans

RCA Bible https://www.rca.org/resources/devotionals

Activities at Home

Jenkinson’s Aquarium – Penguin Cam  https://jenkinsons.com/aquarium/explore/

Outdoor Adventure and Animal Cams  https://www.explore.org/livecams/

Explore museums and sites around the world.  www.ArtsandCulture.Google.com

Ride on roller coasters https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCoasterViews

Library Online Resources

Most public libraries are closed but have many resources available on the website. 

Watch the Weekly Worship Service

Did you miss the Service on Sunday or do you want to review the sermon again? By going to the Facebook Posts link in our main menu, you can scroll though to the week your looking for and play the entire service or just pick out the parts you’re interested in that particular day.