Prayer List 4.22.17

Prayer List (updated 4.22.17)

If you wish to add names to the Sunday Prayer List, please fill out a card in the pew racks and we will add your request in next week’s list. Names will remain for 3 weeks unless you indicate otherwise on your prayer cards. After 3 weeks all others will be remembered in prayer

All of Our Servicemen & Women
Lt. Greg Zilai in San Diego, SGT Megan Garrison Owrey, San Diego, SGT Zek Owrey, Middle East, LTC Ronald Anzalone, Tampa, CPT Nathanael Hathaway MD, CPT Jon Teague US Naval Academy Graduate, Staff Sergeant Matthew VanPelt, US Army, Alaska

Katie and Adam Quinn who are serving in the Canary Islands

Our College Students:
Dan Ayers, Lauren Ayers, Mike Borden, Ali Clodfelter, John Clodfelter, Frankie Cole, Tommy Cole, Amy Conover, Paul Fiorentino, Carly Flohs, Toni Kaufman, Chiara LaFazia, Liz Nolan, Sean Nolan, April Ruggiero, Sophie Smith

Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of Gordon Serch who has passed into God’s nearer presence.

  • Justin Condolucci
  • Lynn Moose
  • Lauren K.
  • Pat Stefan
  • Renee Pulsifer
  • Richard Sapala
  • Glenn Herb
  • JC Stefano
  • Pat Piech
  • Madalyn Smith
  • Vincent and Callie
  • Jennifer
  • Lilian and Emory Castimore
  • Alan Bessemer
  • Emily Angolini
  • Carole Santulli
  • Frank Messimer
  • Alex Comandini
  • Mary Dougherty and family
  • William Swan
  • Denise Swan
  • Grandma Jackson
  • Cookie
  • Martha Schroeder
  • Joseph Mamola
  • Steven Whitehead
  • Barbara Hesnan
  • Breen Meyerle
  • Dorothy Fowler
  • Bob Kurisko
  • Karen & John Apwah
  • Seamus Furlong
  • Karen LaFazia
  • Linda Stefano
  • Lauren Elizabeth
  • Shawna Green
  • Anna Gaj
  • Walter Clayton
  • Fran Boyle
  • Todd Schmidt
  • Mary Ann Castimore
  • Lisa Clark
  • Betty Balanoff
  • David Salberg
  • Horace Leavitt
  • Sue Hanas