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Mid-Winter Advance 2017

This year we welcome our new comers including our 6th graders to the Mid-Winter Advance. 

We will spend a weekend at Americas Keswick in Whiting, NJ. The leaders are college kids formed from teams from colleges. Most if not all the team members are MWA alumni. The leaders from our church are a part of everything and have special times with our own group.

I was on the MWA steering committee in the 80s when we had 2 weekends. We now have 5 weekends. Julianna was a steering committee member as well.

We will leave about 6 on a Friday evening and return about 1 in the afternoon on the Sunday.

We are currently deciding which of the 5 weekends we will attend, but stay posted.

The cost without fundraising is $120 per kid but we will have fun raisers. We also have some scholarship money which is reserved for kids who need it – no one should be excluded because of money.

“I can honestly say that the MWA is the most powerful yet balanced youth retreat I have ever experienced. The messages are clear and the music is uplifting and all the kids love it and don’t want it to end.”       P. Lou

Mid-Winter Advance Available Dates, 2017

  1. January 13, 2017 – January 15, 2017

6th – Post-Grad

College Team: University of Delaware


  1. January 20, 2017 – January 22, 2017

6th – Post-Grad

College Team: Stockton University


  1. January 27, 2017 – January 29, 2017

6th – Post-Grad

College Team: Eastern University


  1. February 03, 2017 – February 05, 2017

6th – Post-Grad

College Team: Nyack College


  1. February 17, 2017 – February 19, 2017

6th – Post-Grad

College Team: West Chester University

Youth Group Information Form

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Worship Schedule

Summer Worship during July and August including the first Sunday in September is at 9:30

Sunday Morning Worship & Church School: 10:00am (child care provided)


Christmas Eve Services:

Special Service at 5:00 for parents with younger children 

Traditional Candlelight Service at 8:00 pm