It’s coming…

…. Beginning this Sunday – Mother’s Day.

A new format for Sunday School.

The children’s message will set the stage for the rest of the morning’s events. Currently, our Children and Youth Minister, Freddie Fiorentino, is teaching on the Fruit of the Spirit.

After the children’s message the kids will be brought outside (on nice days), fellowship hall and class rooms for both rousing dynamic and quieter calmer activities.

Scavenger hunts, relays, parachute games, reflection sheets, just for example, are all designed to reinforce the daily theme and help disciple our children following Jesus Christ.

All hands on deck! Older kids and youth are needed to assist the teachers and to be fellow learners in the process.

What a wonderful way to strengthen our church faith community and learn on fun and exciting ways.

I hope to see YOU at The Church In Brielle beginning Sunday, May 14th

Also coming July 19, 20 and 21…     

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