A Message From Pastor Lou

A message from Pastor Lou Lafazia on 3/24/2020

Dear Church Family,

As we wait in our homes in isolation, I am sure we go out to get milk, bread and other groceries from time to time.

But if you aren’t able to do so and cannot go on line to order deliveries please let me know what you need.

Also, Lisa Clark and Jeanene Bono made food that can be delivered to you… just ask me please.

My cell is 845-591-2016 and my email is pastorlou@churchinbrielle.org.

If, however, you are able to obtain groceries will you please remember the hungry.

This coronavirus outbreak has affected waitresses, cooks, civil servants, and so many other professions putting them (hopefully only) temporarily out of work.  

We have yet to see the tremendous impact this will leave on our community.

If you can put some unperishable food items in a bag to leave outside your homes I can pick them up – or find someone to do so, to bring to the ministerium Food Bank.

I know that they are collecting food items for Easter as well. Also we have some Rubbermaid bins at the office entrance at the church for you to drop items off.

If you can help out and need to have items picked up just text me or email me your address when and when they will be available outside your home.

Again, my cell is 845-591-2016 and my email is pastorlou@churchinbrielle.org.

If you need me for pastoral guidance, of course, I am here for you.

Love In Christ!