COVID19 Resources

All resources confirmed by Lori Keasel of your Consistory

Covid19 Resources
General Information

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

World Health Organization

New Jersey Government


  • Hotline
  • Symptom Checker and Testing Information
  • Jobs Available Now and Unemployment Benefits
  • Frequently Asked Questions and additional information

Local Information

Local grocery stores and pharmacies continue to receive goods to sell.  Some stores have set special hours for shoppers over 60 or 65 – call ahead.

Local restaurants and bakeries remain open for pick-up and delivery – consider supporting our local businesses while staying safe – call ahead. provides local information. – select your town. provides local information and a place to post needs – recommendation for a florist, looking for a lost dog, etc. – select your neighborhood.

How Can You Help?

Manasquan Food Bank at First Presbyterian Church of Manasquan

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Face Mask Instructions – donations to local nursing homes (JoAnn Fabrics – Brick donates to three nursing homes as of Monday, March 30 – additional outlets will be added upon request to JoAnn Fabric – Brick. JoAnn Fabrics – Brick is open for curbside pickup and drop off only – order online for pickup)

American Red Cross Blood Donations – many blood drives have been cancelled, there is an ongoing need for blood and plasma.

Bible Study

Upper Room

RCA Bible

Activities at Home

Jenkinson’s Aquarium – Penguin Cam

Outdoor Adventure and Animal Cams

Explore museums and sites around the world.

Ride on roller coasters

Library Online Resources

Most public libraries are closed but have many resources available on the website. 

A Message From Pastor Lou

A message from Pastor Lou Lafazia on 3/24/2020

Dear Church Family,

As we wait in our homes in isolation, I am sure we go out to get milk, bread and other groceries from time to time.

But if you aren’t able to do so and cannot go on line to order deliveries please let me know what you need.

Also, Lisa Clark and Jeanene Bono made food that can be delivered to you… just ask me please.

My cell is 845-591-2016 and my email is

If, however, you are able to obtain groceries will you please remember the hungry.

This coronavirus outbreak has affected waitresses, cooks, civil servants, and so many other professions putting them (hopefully only) temporarily out of work.  

We have yet to see the tremendous impact this will leave on our community.

If you can put some unperishable food items in a bag to leave outside your homes I can pick them up – or find someone to do so, to bring to the ministerium Food Bank.

I know that they are collecting food items for Easter as well. Also we have some Rubbermaid bins at the office entrance at the church for you to drop items off.

If you can help out and need to have items picked up just text me or email me your address when and when they will be available outside your home.

Again, my cell is 845-591-2016 and my email is

If you need me for pastoral guidance, of course, I am here for you.

Love In Christ!


Due to the CoronaVirus pandemic and restrictions on contact between people to prevent its spread, there will be no in person worship beginning this Sunday, the 22nd of March. Pastor Lou will conduct an on line service via Facebook Live beginning at 10 am, our usual start time. You can go directly to Facebook or click the link in the menu above named Facebook Posts. You can read/download the weekly bulletin and announcement insert for the service in the menu above as well.

Updating Church Directory…

The church is in the process of updating the records of all its membership rolls especially updating e mails. please click on the link in the menu above or on the link below to be able to accomplish this online. With the CoronaVirus keeping so many of us away and having the shut down some operations in the church, the e-mail is now more important than ever. If you’re not a member , but just visit or want to be included, there are ways to do that on the form.



CANCELLATION OF SOUP & SCRIPTURE: Corona virus concerns have led the Ministerium to suspend Soup & Scripture gatherings for the balance of Lent (including 3/11).  An abundance of caution seems appropriate to allay fears and prevent both illness and its transmission, especially with older adults who are a vulnerable population.  Many thanks to the churches who provided soup and presenters these past couple weeks, and to those who were prepared to do so in coming weeks.  Gifts of the Spirit include wisdom and discernment.  May those gifts guide all our decisions as we seek to honor our Lord’s Passion, death and resurrection, and to love both God and neighbor!



Plumpy’Nut:  What’s inside this plastic wrapper has saved millions of children. It’s not your ordinary peanut butter. It’s called Plumpy’nut®, also known as Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food.  Many call it the magical product. It‘s a high-energy peanut paste containing sugar, vegetable oil and skimmed milk powder, and enriched with vitamins and minerals.  Plumpy’Nut® is used to treat severe acute malnutrition in young children. Only three sachets a day for six to eight weeks can be all it takes to save a child’s life. In times of famine, drought, or flood, Plumpy’Nut® is a true lifesaver.  Each bar costs 50 cents. It costs $63.00 to feed a starving child one bar three times a day for six weeks to save his/her life. Please continue to give generously. 

Our Plumpy Nut Mission Project will continue into the new year. An additional $501 was collected in the previous six months, bringing the 2019 total to greater than $1,000, or 2000 children’s lives saved from malnutrition. 

Watch the Weekly Worship Service

Did you miss the Service on Sunday or do you want to review the sermon again? By going to the Facebook Posts link in our main menu, you can scroll though to the week your looking for and play the entire service or just pick out the parts you’re interested in that particular day.