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Ministry Fair 11/18/18

Following Worship THIS SUNDAY November 18th we will be having a ministry fair in Fellowship Hall. There will be displays of the various Church ministries. You will learn more about our ministries and will have the opportunity to serve within them. Please be sure to join us.


Harvest Bags for the Food Pantry: During the month of November before Thanksgiving, our congregation is collecting Harvest bags for the Manasquan Food Pantry. There will be a list of specific food items needed along with the bags, but any donation will be accepted. These harvest bags can be picked up in the entrances of… Read more


Alternative Gift Fair: As we approach the Christmas season, please consider donating to one or several of our very worthy charities. We have chosen several charities that could really use your help. Give a gift that matters with your donation then give the recipient a card acknowledging that the gift was given in their honor…. Read more


We’re looking for volunteers to help out with the many things going on on Sundays at CIB, and we’d love you to join us! We need people to help teach Sunday School, to help manage the nursery, and to be mentors to our confirmation students. We’re happy to work with your schedules, and we would… Read more

The Enneagram. Sermon Series

Who Am I?  Who are you? You are a child of God, created in God’s own image and likeness, a spiritual being on a human journey.  To help you hone in on who you are we will be using the ancient personality assessment The Enneagram. Take the assessment


We are studying 2 Timothy.  Paul writes young Timothy to encourage him to train new leaders in the faith who will pass the baton of the faith to the next generation. If you have never studied the Bible or are an expert in Holy Scriptures you will feel at home in this informal time of… Read more