Plumpy’Nut:  What’s inside this plastic wrapper has saved millions of children. It’s not your ordinary peanut butter. It’s called Plumpy’nut®, also known as Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food.  Many call it the magical product. It‘s a high-energy peanut paste containing sugar, vegetable oil and skimmed milk powder, and enriched with vitamins and minerals.  Plumpy’Nut® is used to treat severe acute malnutrition in young children. Only three sachets a day for six to eight weeks can be all it takes to save a child’s life. In times of famine, drought, or flood, Plumpy’Nut® is a true lifesaver.  Each bar costs 50 cents. It costs $63.00 to feed a starving child one bar three times a day for six weeks to save his/her life. Please continue to give generously. 

Our Plumpy Nut Mission Project will continue into the new year. An additional $501 was collected in the previous six months, bringing the 2019 total to greater than $1,000, or 2000 children’s lives saved from malnutrition. 

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